Vikki Testimonial


"Catherine, you have a gift and an eye for the different. Every photo is a moment in time and a memory. These photos are tremendous. We've seen the girls play “bubbles” lots of times but now the delight and joy is captured."

Julia Testimonial


"Omg Catherine the pictures are all SO amazing!! Like I seriously don't even know how u manage to get that many good shots of so many people that never stop moving lol!! Love them so much!! You are so so so talented!! Thanks again for capturing this day perfectly!!!"

Tahsin Testimonial


"I'm at home, for the most part, alone with my girls. No one is there to take note of the magic that happens in our everyday. Catherine immortalized simple gestures, glances and nuances that I will treasure forever."

Steph Testimonial


Cath! Every morning when I walk by my Van Morrison lyrics hung on the wall I feel a sense of peace and happiness."

Tara Testimonial


"We click away all day long at our kids and watch them change when it happens in front of us, but never really take a moment to think of ourselves, and that one day our kids will want to see us too!"

Rachel Testimonial


"We are SO HAPPY with the photos! I have been barely able to contain myself. There are several going up on our wall for sure."